Dept. of Interior top official tours Murphy fire area and says climate change a large factor

Assistant Secretary of the Interior C. Stephen Allred has visited the area of the huge Murphy rangefire this summer. Afterwards he talked with local politicos. He announced reseeding would be 80% native seed. Fortunately a considerable portion of the area is not invaded with cheatgrass yet and doesn’t need reseeding (or so I’ve been told).

My first impression is that 80% is pretty good given the lack of seed. My opinion (is supported in my mind) by the fact that powerful politicican-rancher state Rep. Burt Brackett, R-Rogerson wanted more foreign species planted.

I’ll take the native blue bunch wheatgrass, Idaho fescue, sagebrush and bitterbrush.

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Climate change! A rare nod to it from the Bush Administration.

Story: By Matt Christensen. Times-News writer