Guest Opinion: Public, private property lost to brucellosis policy

Finally an essay how Montana and Wyoming’s brucellosis policy tramples on private property rights. By Glenn Hockett. Billings Gazette. Guest Opinion: Public, private property lost to brucellosis policy.

He also points out the continuing frenzy over brucellosis  amidst the lackadaisical approach to other livestock diseases.

Montana Board of Livestock refuses to split Montana to solve brucellosis legal problem

The Montana Board of Livestock voted not to adopt a plan that would free the rest of Montana from being held hostage on brucellosis status because some of the bison and elk in Yellowstone Park are infected with brucellosis.

“Gov. Brian Schweitzer said the decision represented ‘misinformation’ spread by the lobbyist of the Montana Stockgrowers Association”

We all know the controversy has little to do with brucellosis and a lot to do with the Stockgrowers insisting Yellowstone be treated like one big ranch as well as showing they can push local people around and disrespect their property rights.

Panelists nix split zone for cattle. Brucellosis plan opposed by Montana Stockgrowers. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau