Fox news boss orders reporters to always question climate change

Fair and balanced!

Their Washington Bureau news chief emailed them saying, “refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question.”  Apparently they would be expected to say “some scientists say there was an ice age 450,000 years ago, but that is based on a theory whose data has been called into question.”

Whether the average temperature has changed worldwide is a matter of fact, not of theory.  Theories are designed to explain facts and predict new facts (to test a theory and to expand a theory).  One can question the process of measurement — say it is wrong — but that has nothing to do with theory.  I doubt that few news stories would have time to discuss how average temperatures are calculated and where measurement error might creep in.

Fox News e-mail shows network’s slant on climate change. By Paul Farhi. Washington Post Staff Writer

How make up a nasty, dangerous rumor and spread it

Beers’ “news” column in AgWeekly classic example-

You don’t like your minister. So you make up a completely false rumor, one that is sure to spread.  “Did you know the minister’s wife makes porn films?” “You don’t!”  “Well people are talking about it.”

Soon the congregation will be talking.

I don’t like to link to this, but we see the same thing only more dangerous, vicious; and the kind of rumor that could lead to violence on the part of a person misled by this kind of baseless lie.

Rural residents’ concern over ‘spread’ of wolves not surprising. By Jim Beers. Agweek. Sept. 21, 2010

Notice how he quotes no one?  “There is a growing suspicion by rural residents that “pro-wolf” advocates are releasing wolves to supplement and extend the presence and future growth of wolf packs in the lower 48 states.”  Not a single rural resident is quoted, and no evidence except the long known tendency of lone wolves to migrate from Wisconsin into Illinois, Indiana, etc.  He doesn’t mention the name of any person or group — just “pro-wolf” advocates.

It is hard to think that his agenda is merely concern about wolves.  The result if successful will be fear and hatred unless he is laughed off his stage. Unfortunately this kind of thing circulates in forums never read by the average American. It’s on an agriculture web site.