Oil falls as low as $118 on demand concerns

The price of crude has dropped from $150 to $118 in the last month due to an absence of bad news and reduced demand. Oil falls as low as $118 on demand concerns. By Madlen Read. Washington Post.

Still the campaign to increase the supply of domestic crude on public lands continues in order to reduce the price a penny a gallon 5 to 10 years from now.

Presidential campaigns very often seem to procede off in some alternative universe.

Regarding demand, does anyone recall how Dick Cheney sneered at the notion of conservation of fuel (energy efficiency) back in 2002 after his secret energy task force met?

Time to remember that supply always equals demand except in the very short run or when certain kinds of subsidies are paid, price ceiling or floors are set, or rationing imposed.

Presidential politics and wildlife

Imagine that !  A presidential candidate willing to speak up about wildlife !

Clinton  Reports on Washington WildlifeWall Street Journal Blog

Hey, it’s more than has been said by anyone else…

To be fair:

Green Evangelical Applauds McCain’s Environment Speech –  The Christian Post

Why Obama is Winning the WestNewWest

Somebody needs to clue these candidates into the idea that “environmental” policy has more to it than “energy” policy.

Firedoglake blog takes an eco-view of the Presidential candidates

They don’t even bother with McCain — too horrible to contemplate, but there isn’t much with Barrick or Hillary either, although the author concludes that Hillary is better than the rest.

An Eco-View of the Dem Contenders. By Kirk Murphy. Firedoglake

Speaking personally, I spent a lot of time any money on past presidential campaigns, but this time I am hardly inspired. Obama’s messge of change, hope and unity is thrilling a lot of people, but because I’ve followed campaigns since 1964, a promise of renewal and change stated in such generic terms is hardly new.

And, after all, the President who made the most changes, although he give little hint of it during his campaign, was George W. Bush.

Part of the problem is, once again, the MSM concentrates on personality and tactics in it’s coverage, e.g. can McCain convince conservatives? Is Hillary too cold (or, alternatively, too emotional)? Does Barrick’s spouse remind us of Jackie Kennedy? The war, the economy, the environment, seem to have disappeared.