A second generation grizzly-polar bear?

Polar bear-grizzly hybrids are extremely rare, though one was found (that is, shot) last year.

Now a second generation bear might have been discovered (shot by a native hunter). Story in the National Post.

Oil Companies Get OK To Annoy Bears

As suggested in an earlier post (or two), the Bush Administration’s Fish & Wildlife Service is doing its best to take its decision to list polar bears and extend federal protections to oil companies with it :

Oil Companies Get OK To Annoy BearsAP

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Kempthorne makes tough call on polar bear listing

By now you’ve likely heard that the Bush Administration has listed polar bears in Kempthorne’s first listing since taking his position :

Kempthorne makes tough call on polar bear listingIdaho Statesman

Call me a cynic, but it seems to me likely the Bush Administration decides to list the bear now rather than kick it to the next administration so it can capitalize framing the listing against any implications it might have on greenhouse gas regulation.  Kempthorne is adamant about preventing that from happening.

Our friends at Demarcated Landscapes have been on the story for a few days :

Ay! There’s the rub! Polar bear listing comes with a twist