Toby Bridges again busy talking about wolf poisoning, lord knows what other animals

Bridges tells us artificial sweetener will kill all canines, including dogs

Toby Bridges’ name has been out of the news a while after his ISP apparently revoked his old web site.  He has a new ISP now and web site, but he is also sending out his opinion to local newspapers. Read this in the Clark Fork Chronicle (Montana).

Artificial sweetener kills all canines, not just wolves
Sunday, December 12 2010 @ 01:14 PM MST
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Opinion by Toby Bridges

He writes the “opinion” in the third person, thus probably avoiding prosecution, as he can claim he is only providing information about what is going on.

What shocks me is the lack of concern about poisoning dogs, and if Xylitol, the artificial sweetener, kills all canids, it is reasonable to expect that it probably kills a number of non-canids too, both wild and domestic.

My opinion is that you write to your elected officials, even the wolf-hating ones, to express your outrage that they seem to listen to people like Bridges. This is getting close to terrorism.

Livestock Lobby Pressures to Retain Wildlife Poisons

This is from Wild Again, Livestock Lobby Pressures to Retain Wildlife Poisons.

I think people should add to their comments to the EPA (due by Jan. 15) that these poisons, especially 1080, would be a terrorist’s delight, an ideal weapon for not just poisoning a large number of people because it is so toxic and also, odorless, colorless, and tasteless, but it causes a horrible death.

How their marginal use in protecting sheep can justify this danger to the public should shame the EPA and politicians into banning them. . . . compound 1080 Al Qaeda’s friend!