Phantom Hill wolf killed

The first of Idaho’s only, sort of, semi-protected only by private money, wolf pack is shot in the wolf hunt-

Lynne Stone reported this earlier in a comment

Phantom Hill wolf killed. 29 33 wolves shot in Idaho this season. By Jon Duval. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer.

Protecting this locally popular wolf pack has been a project by Defenders of Wildlife. It has cost a lot of money because there are so many bands of domestic sheep that invade the area — are trucked in — every June to October, but it shows it can be done with minimal losses of sheep.

The protection of the pack has been controversial. Wolf haters don’t like it on general principle. Some conservationists pointing to the inherent tokenism of the effort and the irony of spending money to protect weak animals (domestic sheep) that don’t belong in the rugged mountains and graze on taxpayer’s dime, decry the Phantoms as a “boutique” pack.