Predator poison killing central Idaho dogs

13 pets killed in a residential area of Salmon, Idaho by compound 1080.

Another version of the same article in the Post Register says that these poisonings may be linked to several wolf poisonings in the area from years past.

Predator poison killing central Idaho dogs.
Associated Press in the Idaho Statesman

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Update by Ralph Maughan

We don’t know who or why the current Salmon, Idaho poisoner is setting out extremely dangerous 1080 poison and killing local dogs. However, Salmon, Idaho and  the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area went through the same thing several years ago. Then the target clearly was wolves, but, not surprisingly, what got killed then were local dogs.  One wolf was successfully poisoned by 1080 back then, a member of the Buffalo Ridge wolf pack.

1080 and other predator poisons should be banned before more pets die and someone is killed. Here is a video telling of people and dogs who have died or almost died.

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Currently, it does look like someone is trying for wolves in Northern Idaho. Dog dies after eating sausage on trail near Clark Fork. By This time the poison is the classic — strychnine.

Generalized poisons such as 1080 and sodium cyanide for m-44 “coyote getters” should no longer be produced.

Trapped on public lands

Montana ballot initiative (I-160) would outlaw trapping on public lands-

A grassroots effort to protect pets from traps set on public lands has grown into a larger movement to ban trapping (by ballot initiative) on public lands.

Trapped on public lands. By Martin J. Kidston. Helena Independent Record

Worlds of trappers, pet owners collide in Boise area

Here’s a place where could do some new work-

Worlds of trappers, pet owners collide. Reports to the Idaho Statesman of injured dogs are three times higher this year. By Pete Zimowsky. Idaho Statesman

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Because I mentioned Footloose, and Footloose’s E.D’s comment kind of got buried, I am moving it up to the body of this post. Ralph Maughan

Anja Heister [of Footloose] wrote:

During the past two trapping seasons – 2007-08 and 2008-09, Footloose Montana received 20 reports from people whose dogs were either injured or died in traps set by recreational and commercial trappers on public lands in MT! Contrary to what trappers and FWP want you to believe, trapping for fun is extremely loosely regulated: There is no trap check period required, instead, FWP merely recommends that trappers check their traps every 48 hours (whether they do it or not, is basically up to the trappers!).

Trappers don’t have to post signs in areas where they trap and so the public is left in the dark as to where traps are. Traps are indiscriminate and injure our wildlife in unimaginable ways. If the creatures caught in traps, are still alive when the trapper eventually returns, he either clubs them to death, strangulates them, shoots them in the head or stands on the animal’s chest “to compress inner organs, which leads to death.” This is what trappers don’t want you to know, but this is reality. Read the rest of this entry »