Million acre! wildlife refuge to be established in the Flint Hills of Kansas

Private land refuge to be tried to conserve much of the remnants of the tall grass prairie-

As everyone knows, very little prairie has been conserved or restored.  This is an effort said to be the model for the 21st century. This might be true in the sense that it seems like the kind of thing that would appeal to some kinds of conservatives. Most what was done came during the Great Depression and was short grass prairie.

New wildlife refuge set in Flint Hills of Kansas. By Roxana Hegeman. The Associated Press. It will be named the Flint Hills Legacy Conservation Area and a part of the National Wildlife Refuge System

There is a Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve of about 10,000 acres. It was established in 1996. This was the culmination of  about 70 years of efforts to create a tallgrass prairie national park, monument, preserve, conservation area or whatever. Most of this national preserve is, oddly enough, the result of purchases by the Nature Conservancy and remains in their hands.

James Nedresky. Photographs of the Flint Hills.

Large state park protecting wildife corridor might be created in western Montana

Heavily logged area could heal to be become economically and ecological important-

$14M, 41,000-acre land deal could create second-largest Montana state park. ByRob Chaney. Missoulian |