U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy to take “Senior status”

Senior status Reduces Judge Molloy’s caseload

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy of Montana has announced that he will take “Senior status”.

District Judge Molloy to step aside – Wyoming Tribune

“Senior status” means retirement from active service. Senior judges continue to hear cases, usually with a reduced case load. The announcement, however, said Molloy intends to maintain a “substantial” case load.

It also frees him to sit, by invitation, on the circuit court.

Judge Molloy’s stepping down from his seat will open a vacancy in the Montana federal district court.  Vacancies are filled by appointment from the president, almost always selected by the highest politically ranked congressperson of the president’s party from the state in which the vacancy occurs.

Wyoming weighs in on Wolf Litigation

The state of Wyoming has submitted briefs to Judge Molloy’s court rejecting a broad coalition of conservation and animal rights groups’ request for an injunction of the decision to delist wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

Wyo argues against relistingStar Tribune

Once more, the state avoids mentioning the precipitous nature of the wolf deaths immediately following delisting, instead citing numbers that maintained wolves under federal measures of protection.

Wyoming apparently believes that it can little more than promise ‘enough’ wolves will be preserved without backing up that promise with the adequate regulatory mechanisms prescribed by federal law should delisting be appropriate.