Wyoming lawmakers to huddle over wolf issue

Wyoming state legislators form committee to study state response to the withdrawal of wolf delisting.

I never really thought that Wyoming wanted to manage its wolves (unlike Idaho and Montana). They sound like they don’t want to make any changes in their plan, and, therefore, federal oversight of state wolf management will continue, with no delisting of wolves ever forthcoming.

Sheep magnate Jim Magana’s opinion seems to support this. He seems to be the politically most influential rancher in the states. You can read it in the article.

Given that Mike Jimenez, who formerly managed the wolves for the federal government, took over the state wolf management job and is, and has been the manager of Wyoming wolves for a long time, the Wyoming ranchers seem pretty satisfied.

Over time Jimenez seemed to become more and more on the side of the ranchers, and so we have the situation today where Wyoming has the fewest wolves of the 3 states, a declining number of wolves, no indication that they are now being protected in what was the  “wolves are vermin zone”, even though they are now supposed to be protected statewide again. We also have no news. Wyoming doesn’t even publish a minimal newsletter like Idaho or Montana.

I think there is a lot of cause for worry.

Article in Billings Gazette.

Mike Jimenez goes to work for Wyoming on wolves

Added 4-26. Federal wolf official taking top role in Wyoming. By Matt Joyce.  Associated Press Writer

Mike Jimenez, who managed wolves in Wyoming for many years for the federal government under Ed Bangs in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has taken over the role of wolf coordinator for the state of Wyoming, it was announced today. He will oversee the state’s management of about 170* wolves in Wyoming that do no live in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park.

While in his job for the feds, Park County tried to prosecute Jimenez for “littering” — “littering the county with wolves.” It actually went to federal court.

Wolf coordinators for the other states are Carolyn Sime in Montana and Steve Nadeau (pronounced like meadow) in Idaho.

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*188 wolves was the figure at the end of 2007. Since then at least ten, and probably more have been killed in Wyoming’s “wolves-are-now-vermin” zone, plus unreported illegal and “control” killings in the trophy game zone.