‘Just Say Now’: Left-Right Coalition Launches Campaign To Legalize Pot

What has this got to do with wildlife?  Plenty!

Growing of marijuana in the woods on both public and private land keeps expanding and using more and more nasty chemicals and violence — a menace to wildlife, hikers, campers, and hunters. This election year might be the year to put an end to the enormously costly, politically corrupting, polluting, and ineffective “war” against this not very harmful drug.

‘Just Say Now’: Left-Right Coalition Launches Campaign To Legalize Pot. Huffington Post. By Ryan Grim.

I should add that for the huge number of people who are concerned about U.S./Mexico border problems, ending the war on drugs will do as much as any fence to stop the violence.

Mexican drug lords “supersize” pot growing on public lands

Secret marijuana farms are bigger, more numerous and more sophisticated-

It amazes me that it is still illegal, and this is the ever worsening result on our public lands.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the drug cartels are illegally lobbying members of Congress (bribe) to keep it illegal so to maintain profits. There has to be some reasonable explanation for keeping this failed policy in place.

Drug gangs taking over US public lands. By Alicia A. Caldwell and Manuel Valdes. AP

Pot growers like Idaho wilds

Authorities are busting an increasing number of marijuana plots in remote areas-

My opinion. Maybe one good thing will come out of the recession . . . an end to the “war on drugs” and all the economic, social, and physical damage it has caused. I’m glad to see some drug users are now being released from prison because there isn’t enough money to keep them there.

In the meantime you do have to be careful in the backcountry in seldom traveled places where there is water,  not too high elevation, and soil deep enough to grow marijuana.  Pot plantations are a lot more common in places like  SW Oregon and northern California than Idaho. Essentially all public officials in the northern California counties have found they need to make peace with what has become a  significant part of their economy.

Pot growers in Idaho backcountry. By Kay Moeller. Idaho Statesman.

I do think the increase in backcountry growing is mostly due to the recession. Some people who can’t find a job or one they see as acceptable, probably see growing as a profitable alternative to the economic  system that threw them out of work.

Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests, parks

Marijuana growing is an environmental menace to the public lands-

Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests, parks. By Tracie Cone. Associated Press.

Marijuana farming, much of it on public lands, litters the landscape with poisons, water diversions, traps and produces contaminated weed.

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