Wildlife refuges can provide shovel-ready green jobs

20,000 jobs in 90 days for a billion dollars doing what has needed to be done for decades-

A proposal from Defenders of Wildlife.

* $443 million for removing non-native, invasive species and restoring native habitat: 5,644 jobs

* $243 million for dramatically improving the energy efficiency of existing facilities: 5,103 jobs

* $201 million for new “green” construction of visitor centers, environmental education and equipment storage facilities: 5,025 jobs

* $60 million for increasing renewable energy capacity, such as tapping solar, wind and geothermal energy to power refuge facilities: 1,260 jobs

How Will the Stimulus Affect Energy?

This article suggests the energy stimulus will be mostly green and decentralized-

I’m not sure how the author of this article (Richard Martin) knows this, but he says the part of the stimulus directed specifically at energy will consist mostly of community based activities, retrofitting, energy efficiency and the like.

I add that this kind of energy stimulus will also create more jobs per dollar by far than remote solar farms, wind farms, and transmission lines.

The article is in New West. How Will the Stimulus Affect Energy? By Richard Martin