Ed Bangs to retire

Bangs oversaw the Northern Rockies wolf restoration program for 23 years-

Montana’s ‘wolf man’. By Eve Bryon. Helena Independent Record.

23 years dealing with conservationists, ranchers, scientists, nuts, cranks, and lying politicians.  Overall, I think he did a good job, especially considering the context. He kept a cool head, which was simply amazing given the policy he administered. RM

Wolf recovery target has changed, feds acknowledge

Bangs says recovery population goal for wolves in the Northern Rockies was changed-

Anti-wolf folks argue that a population goal deal (or promise) was violated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service when it did not delist wolves in the Idaho, Montana and Wyoming as soon as the states had 300 wolves in total.  Project leader, Ed Bangs, however, said agency changed the goal to keep up with the best available science.

The 1987 goal (years before the wolf reintroduction actually took place) was 30 breeding pairs of wolves spread out over the three states. After reintroduction this was changed to 15 breeding pairs in each of the states and a population of at least 150 wolves in each state.  Bangs said that science showed the 1987 goal was too lean. He said understood that as soon as he took the job he now holds.

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Wolves now officially back in endangered species list

US Fish and Wildlife Service still hopes to delist, and fairly soon-

Wolves put back on endangered list. Federal officials hope to return animal to state control by ’09. By Matthew Brown. Associated Press

Ed Bangs and crew are saying they will revamp the delisting rules so they can pass muster by Judge Molloy. However, there will be an election in the meantime. It could be that the Obama Administration won’t be interesting in delisting because hatred of wolves and bears now sounds like Palinism. Perhaps she has unitentionally done these animals a favor.

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