In New England they should called “coywolves,” not “coyotes” or coydogs”

Important genetic study confirms Massachusetts coyotes are part eastern wolf-

Dr. Jon Way who often comments on this forum is the lead author of a paper about to appear entitled, “Genetic Characterization Of Eastern “Coyotes” In Eastern
Massachusetts.” He has allowed me to post a draft of this paper.

These relatively large canids are hybrids of western coyotes colonizing the area and eastern timber wolves, canis lycaon. None of animals’ DNA showed a mixture of coyote and domestic dog. So the term “coydog,” which is in common use, is not appropriate.

Here is the draft of the paper. coywolves-jonway

The “Y-pole” for handling difficult dogs and wild canids

Many people don’t like to see the use of snare poles on dogs, coyotes or wolves who are cornered but difficult to handle. Dr. Mark. R. Johnson, DVM has developed a more effective and humane device, the “Y-pole.”

This pole mimics the kind of force (mostly psychological) that influences a canid by others of its pack.

Dr. Johnson explained its use at the Chico Wolf Conference, and I thought it useful to bring to folks’ attention. He kindly gave us a pdf file on the new device.

The Y-pole