Hiker with pistol and spray survives encounter with grizzly sow with cubs

Boise, Idaho man said attack happened too fast to use either when he surprised the bears-

Fortunately he was able to walk 4 miles to the trailhead.

Update: the original story has been replaced by a much more detailed one below.

Boise man in hospital following griz attack. By Karin Ronnow. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

. . . and there have been more recent encounters.

Two Alberta men recovering from grizzly attack. Edmunton Journal. They were searching for elk antlers. A lot of grizzly bear attacks have happened to those looking too intently for elk antlers while in grizzly country.

Glacier National Park jogger survives grizzly attack. Missoulian. By Jim Mann in the Daily InterLake. The jogger forgot his pepper spray. At any rate, jogging on trails in dense grizzly country like Glacier National Park is not a good idea.

Grizzlies flunk test to open new kind of camp cooler

Breaking and entering experts at West Yellowstone Wolf and Grizzly Discovery Center can’t open (or smash) new coolers-

Although the problem solving can be tough for the bears at the Discovery Center, they usually manage to pry open, squash, or mangle a food container given them, but certain coolers made by Yeti Coolers and by Engel USA have proven to be bear proof.

Story: Grizzly Bear-Tested Camping Coolers Approved By Government. By Susan Gallagher. Huffington Post. AP

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Yellowstone bears emerging from slumber

It’s that time of year again.

Grizzly feeding on elk.  © Ken Cole

Grizzly feeding on elk. © Ken Cole

Yellowstone bears emerging from slumber
Associated Press

Bold bruins bedevil hunters

Bold bruins bedevil hunters. By Mark Henckel. Billings Gazette (reprinted in Helena Independent Record).

One critical point Henkel makes is to be sure you hang your carcass well away from the gut pile. Bears actually prefer the organs. Their tastes are not the same as ours.

I don’t buy the notion that the grizzly bears are bold because they haven’t been hunted. The bears are hungrier because their traditional food sources have slowly disappeared just as predicted by those who protested their delisting.

Just as future Montana summers are almost always going to be filled with forest fire smoke, the bears are going to be hungry, and you will have to worry about West Nile virus from the mosquitoes. . . . just a few changes in the exciting world of the warming climate.