Utah High court: State can be sued for 2007 bear attack

A sorry decision that will threaten all kinds of wildlife-

A result of this will be state agencies killing wildlife and closing campgrounds when a theoretically dangerous animal is seen within five miles of them.

High court: State can be sued for bear attack. By Donald W. Meyers. The Salt Lake Tribune.

We let unemployed homeless freeze on the streets but then baby people when they should be responsible.

Todd Wilkinson: [Former] Idaho Pastor Calls For ‘Open Season’ on Yellowstone Grizzlies

Wilkinson takes apart pastor Bryan Fischer’s arguments-

Todd Wilkinson: Idaho Pastor Calls For ‘Open Season’ on Yellowstone Grizzlies. Huffington Post.

Of course, rational argument hardly ever changes anyone’s religious beliefs. I think this is another confirmation that pushy religious extremists are getting involved in wildlife issues as part of their larger effort to dominate us.  We are having to refight battles that should have been permanently won a hundred years ago.

I didn’t know this guy, Fischer, was actually chaplain of the Idaho State Senate. How creepy! He has now moved to Los Angeles.

Another grizzly shot in Montana

Hunter shoots a rare Cabinet Mountains grizzly bear-

Man shoots Cabinet Mountains grizzly. Montana FWP says it was self-defense. AP

Wyoming legislation might require GYE backcountry users to have bear spray

Spike in unhappy grizzly encounters in Greater Yellowstone could result in bill-

While pepper spray isn’t always the answer in an encounter with a grizzly, most often it is with lots of benefits to humans and bears.

Bear spray bill on the way. Proposal would require permitted backcountry users in griz country to carry pepper spray. By Cory Hatch.  Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Bear kills militants in Kashmir

They were making pudding in the bear’s cave-

The bear population is up Kashmir, and it seems for the good.

Bear kills militants in Kashmir. By Altaf Hussain. BBC News, Srinagar

Griz attacks hunter; hunter’s companion shoots at bear, hits other hunter

No word on the condition of shot hunter in incident near Cooke City, MT-

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more often. The news story so far is sketchy.

Here is a little more (newer) information. Man Attacked by bear near Cooke City, MT.

Bear that attacked man on Vancouver island was old and sick

We reported this attack several days ago. Now comes a better explanation.

Bear that attacked man on Vancouver island was diseased. CanWest news service

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Young man thought to be victim of wolf really killed and eaten by bear, expert says

It has been the common view that 22-year old Kenton Carnegie was killed by a wolf pack northern Saskatchewan back 2005, becoming the only documented victim of such an attack in North America.

Testimony from carnivore expert Paul Paquet has now cast doubt on that belief. Paquet says it was most likely a bear that got him. Another expert, representing the young man’s parents disagreed.

Story: Expert says man killed by bear, not wolves. Chris Purdy. CanWest News Service

Update. Student’s death confirmed as continent’s first fatal wolf attack. (bad link restored) Chris Purdy. CanWest News Service. The jury in the coroner’s inquest decided the evidence indicated Carnegie died from a wolf attack.

“Now that Carnegie’s wolf-related death is official, his father said he hopes people will give up any notion that wolves are cute and cuddly wildlife.”

I don’t think many people think wolves are cuddly. It would be interested to know more about Carnegie’s father, such as if he has an axe to grind. As for myself — wolves or bear — he got caught in bad situation in a place were wild animals had learned to associate people with food.

Update Nov. 5. The debate over what killed Kenton Carnegie continues. Wolf experts disagree with inquest, blame bear for mauling. By
Larissa Liepins , CanWest News Service; with files from Saskatoon StarPhoenix