Some hunters like predators, dislike ATVs

How many hunters are like this?

Given the quality of the rabid anti-wolf folks, it might be easy to forget that many hunters (more than 50%?) take a balanced view of animals and hunting access.

I think there is too much demonization of hunters per se on this blog.  Folks should be careful to separate hunters into their various categories. Hunters are like everyone else in that their ethics, skill, and hunting interests come from how they were raised, where they were raised, how they learned to hunt, their age, their occupation and more.

Some hunters like predators, dislike ATVs. By Tom Wharton. The Salt Lake Tribune

Ralph Maughan

Outdoor recreation: Two-wheeled off-road safer than ATVs

Review shows ATV crashes much more likely to kill or injure than dirt bikes-

This is probably a big surprise. It is to me. I broke my collarbone on a dirt bike way back in ’84.  I didn’t ride them again.

Surprise: Two Wheels Safer Than Four in Off-Road Riding and Racing, Study Finds. ScienceDaily.

The Human Body Is Built for Distance

Humans are built to run down prey over distance-

Most predators the size of humans are faster, so are the prey. This is not true over long distance, however. Primitive human hunters may well have simply run their prey to exhaustion. This is the idea in the article below.

The Human Body Is Built for Distance. By Tara Parker-Poper. New York Times.

I read this article about the same time I read about the crafty Montana ATV hunter getting his wolf. I immediately knew what I really didn’t like about his wolf hunt. His ATV! How we have fallen as hunters!

Because I’m 64, I do not jog anymore, but I walk and/or hike every day. After I read this and the ATV article, I went out, warmed up well and jogged a mile. I felt very good and not sore the next day.

As a people, too many of us need to get off our wheels and onto our feet.

As hunters age, do they support allowing ATVs in more places?

White River National Forest, Colorado offers new travel plan that would restrict ATVs-

In interesting question is, is ATV use a generational thing or is it related to aging? If Bob Elderkin (in the article below) is in the majority, it is a generational thing, with older forest users, including hunters, being less, not more favorable to them.

Fight brewing over new national forest travel plan in Colorado. By Dennis Webb. The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Good News? Feds reviewing BLM evidence from ATV protest ride

Maybe the illegal ATV protest ride up the Paria River will be punished

Thanks to Elizabeth Parker for calling my attention to this new development.

Feds reviewing BLM evidence from ATV protest ride. By Patty Henetz. The Salt Lake Tribune.

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Earlier. Protesters roar through fed lands. By Mark Havnes. The Salt Lake Tribune.

Bridger-Teton National Forest produces its long-awaited travel plan

Big news because this forest is so scenic, recreational and wildlife important-

With the growth in use of off-road vehicles, the travel plan for each national forest has become a bigger and more important decision. After a number of years of work and rounds of public input the Bridger-Teton National Forest in NW Wyoming has finally released their new travel plan.

Forest plan limits ATVs. Environmental groups, motorized use advocates praise formalized trail system, Bridger-Teton staff for response to public comments. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Utah Guv: ORV off-trail damage an ‘abomination,’ crackdown is coming

Utah’s Governor Huntsman wants a crackdown on ATV abuse-

Guv: ORV off-trail damage an ‘abomination,’ crackdown is coming. By Robert Gehrke. The Salt Lake Tribune

Although an off road vehicle spokesman condemned the governor, Huntsman is a dirt bike rider.

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