Palin’s departure not likely to change Alaska’s anti-wolf programs

Unrepresentative Board of Game and science-free biologists said to be the problem-

Alaska biologists may be to blame for bad predator control policies. By Cathy Taibbi.  National Examiner.

I missed this earlier. This lengthy article is actually part 2 of Exploring Alaska’s wolf-control controversy. Government favors trophy hunting dollars over ecology.

Aerial wolf hunt clash goes underground

Aerial hunt clash goes underground. Ads from conservation group back proposed federal prohibition. By Erika Bolstad.

“Alaskans voted twice to ban aerial hunting, and the vote has been overturned twice,” said Jessica Brand, a spokeswoman for the Washington, D.C.-based Defenders of Wildlife. “The only way to end this once and for all is to close the loophole in federal legislation.”

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Wolves aggressively trail dogs with owners near Elmendorf, Alaska

This video is making the rounds. It seems that a wolf pack near Elmendorf, Alaska has become very aggressive toward local dogs; and this means the wolves have gotten very close to people in their effort to attack the dogs.

I can’t understand why this wolf pack has not been shot by local Game and Fish or whoever.

There are a number of points that need to be made here.

The wolves after the dogs, not their owners. There have been several similar incidents in the Northern Rockies. People tend to think the wolves are after them, but dogs interest wolves a lot more than people do. Nevertheless, a person could be attacked by a wolf if he or she gets between the wolf and the dog.

The women in this video had good reason to worry. The safest course would have been to abandon their dogs, but fortunately other than a scare, only a dog was injured.

If anyone knows this area, I would like to know why this wolf pack has not been controlled?

Update: It looks like this is a military area. Fort Rich closes wolf range. The wolves seem to have moved on.

Further update 1-2-2008. This story is really all about dogs and wolves as the comments below reveal. Proponents of wolf fear/hatred are still trying to get this story rolling. The latest is this tear-jerker from a local TV station that made it to MSNBC, Wolves attack area dogs. by Rebecca Palsha. KTUU-TV.

Contrast the hysteria over this with the story on the coyote attacking 2 people in Yellowstone and the bobcat attack in Death Valley.

Coyote bites two in Yellowstone (my post on 1-1)