‘The Wildlife News’ Site Update


The Wildlife News is undergoing some changes.  We’ve been migrating the site over to a ‘self-hosted’ webpage which we hope will better accommodate the rich conversation/debate about western public land and wildlife issues you’ve grown to expect over on our corner of the inter-tubes.

By migrating the site from wordpress.com over to our own server we won’t need to pay to keep the site ad-free, we’ll be able to better illustrate many of the western wildlife issues of interest to you – as well as utilize many more ways for visitors to contribute.

Soon, the layout/look of the site will be slightly different.  The site will also have a different web address.  Don’t worry !  All those links to ‘wolves.wordpress.com’ will still work (redirect) and it’s the same community of folk it’s always been …

Thanks to The Wolf Recovery Foundation and Western Watersheds Project for their support of these much-needed changes !

4 Responses to “‘The Wildlife News’ Site Update”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Can’t wait to see the new digs after you’ve “moved” over!

  2. timz Says:

    Hey Brian and Ken, you still doing that thing in Boise tonight?

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