Why is Obama prosecuting Tim DeChristopher, the gas-lease pranker?

A good question, given all the unprosecuted, indeed celebrated, criminals at high levels-

Tim DeChristopher was convicted at his trial after not being allowed to explain the motives for his prank. Do Motives Matter? The DeChristopher Verdict. The New York Times. By Kirk Johnson.

Inside traders, coal and oil company disaster creators, military contractors break the law with no fear. Two Justices of the Supreme Court plot openly with the Koch Brothers, but who gets convicted? As climate crime continues, who are we sending to jail? Tim DeChristopher? By Bill McKibben. Grist Magazine.

Some people are outraged. Read below (written shortly before his trial).

Why is Obama prosecuting Tim DeChristopher, the gas-lease pranker? Jeremy Bloom. Red, Green, and Blue.

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  1. Salle Says:

    Environmentalist Tim DeChristopher Talks About Sabotaging Oil and Gas Auction & the Guilty Verdict


  2. Salle Says:

    Tim DeChristopher: Taking a Leap and Pointing the Way


  3. Salle Says:

    More Powerful Than We Know: Interview with Tim DeChristopher
    Facing jail time for civil disobedience, Tim DeChristopher on why “we have more than enough power” to stop the fossil fuel industry


  4. Salle Says:

    Civil Disobedience on Trial: Tim DeChristopher Convicted
    How does the United States try cases of civil disobedience? Defendant Tim DeChristopher on how much has changed since the founding fathers


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