Tim DeChristopher Goes on Trial for Disrupting Oil Lease Auction

DeChristopher may get 10 years for unconventional method of protecting Utah’s beautiful canyonlands from oi companies-

We have had many stories on this, but not for quite a while. Tim DeChristopher could be punished far more than the Wall Street investment bankers who stole billions. He bid against oil speculators at a Department of Interior (BLM) oil and gas lease auction in 2008. He had no money, however.

Trial of eco-activist who punk’d BLM begins. Greenspace in the New York Times.

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Note. He was quickly convicted. Webmaster.

3 Responses to “Tim DeChristopher Goes on Trial for Disrupting Oil Lease Auction”

  1. Virginia Says:

    Sounds like the fix is on with this judge. I wanted to make an inflammatory remark about judges ruling on the defendant’s plea of the necessity of an action (Scott Roeder), but decided against it.

  2. JimT Says:

    Just goes to show once more the power of the entrenched corporate and industrial interests in the West–oil and gas in this case. I agree, Ralph, 100%….Wall Street skates again..and again…and…

  3. skyrim Says:

    Found guilty. I hope they go easy on him in sentencing. I admire the kid and hope there is a generation just like him ready to get busy.

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