House Votes to Stop ‘Equal Access to Justice’ Fees

To screw environmentalists, they also screw grandma and small business

In an overzealous act against environmentalist organizations who successfully sue government agencies, the Republican lead House of Representatives has removed the ability for individuals, small businesses, non-profits and others to collect attorney’s fees when they prevail against the government and can meet other requirements.  By adding an amendment to the Continuing Resolution to fund the government they have effectively gutted the Equal Access to Justice Act….. for everyone.

In essence they have taken away your right to sue the government for things like Social Security payments, improper use of laws and regulations, and not even following their own laws or regulations.

It gives the government cart blanche to conduct their business in any way they want without any public oversight.  This even effects the ranchers who may want to sue the government for changing or revoking their grazing permits.

It leaves only those with deep pockets the ability to sue their own government if it acts arbitrarily.

House Votes to Stop ‘Equal Access to Justice’ Fees.
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Dangerous snow: Is foot rot taking hold at the National Elk Refuge?

Rot is caused by freeze-thaw cycles in unsanitary snow-

We just have to keep pointing out that persistant winter feeding of elk breeds disease. Now 23 elk have been put down for what is thought to be foot rot. No doubt more will die.

Foot rot suspected in elk deaths on refuge. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole Daily.

Bighorn get safe highway passage near Hoover Dam

Former bighorn death zone, now safe?

If you have tried to visit Hoover Dam the last decade, you know it has been one huge traffic jam. However, the dam by-pass and a widened U.S. 93 is now complete and with what looks like great benefits to the desert bighorn sheep the inhabit the very rugged Black Mountains near the dam. Of course, the traffic will now increase.

Project gives bighorn sheep safe passage over busy highway. Las Vegas Sun. By Dylan Scott