New species of wolf discovered

Egyptian jackal is not a jackal, but a gray wolf-

This species of wolf is apparently very interesting because it shares habitat and prey with similar (but non-wolf) animals.  That would put them in competition.

New African Wolf Discovered. ScienceDaily

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2 Responses to “New species of wolf discovered”

  1. Virginia Says:

    I always rejoice when I see that a new species of any type is discovered since so many are heading for extinction.

  2. Christopher Harbin Says:

    It’s great that they can use DNA tech to clear up taxonomic problems. It’s interesting that this “new” species has not hybridized with the Ethiopian wolf given there proximity. Especially in light of the fact that the Ethiopian wolf population has been subject to hybridization with domestic dogs. Perhaps the sky island effect has been a big factor in keeping the two species apart. Domestic dogs I suppose share some of the same “islands” as Ethiopian wolves.
    Also interesting is that someone in the article said that Ethiopia was a relatively unexplored country given that people have lived in Ethiopia for an incredibly long time. I understand the gist of what he is saying but it kind of discounts the knowledge of Ethiopians. Maybe it would help to include their views when exploring less well know areas.

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