Ted Nugent’s own TV hunting show nails him for poaching

Some would say this guy had it coming-

What is it with these wolf-hating, deer and elk poachers?

Of course, Nugent is famous.  He’s in another category from most of these poachers.

This news is from August. We had missed it, but no one mentioned it in the long discussion of the subject. Guess that makes it newsworthy still.

Here are some links.  It’s hard to find a neutral one about this aging rocker. I tried to find some which would not automatically roast him.

Poaching Doesn’t Rock: Ted Nugent Caught in Illegal Deer Hunt. Huffington Post. By Wayne Pacelle.
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Ted Nugent pleads no contest in Northern California poaching case. The Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)
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