Northern coast of Greenland, some far north islands in Canada to be only home for polar bears

Last ditch location of polar bears is predicted-

As arctic ice continues to melt, scientists have predicted where last few polar bears will make their last stand.

Where Polar Bears Might Go If Climate Change Doesn’t Slow. By Pete Spotts. Christian Science Monitor/ABC News

4 Responses to “Northern coast of Greenland, some far north islands in Canada to be only home for polar bears”

  1. DB Says:

    Sad story and weird that these scientists are thinking about planning some sort of refuge. Is there no hope to slow climate change caused by greenhouse emmisions? This is the most important environmental if not wildlife issue we face. Thanks for posting. More attention is needed. And another good reason to not tinker with the ESA!

  2. ProWolf in WY Says:

    That would be sad if polar bears did have just this one place to live. But of course global warming doesn’t exist so why should we worry? Just ask some people in congress.

  3. Phil Says:

    I have had some thoughts as to Polar Bears and other species needing the arctic climates moving further north to maintain the ability to survive in a natural climate for them, but never really gotten to deep in realism of it. I would rather have Polar Bears live in their prehistoric natural environments, but if climate change cannot be slowed or stopped because we are to late in preventing it from getting worse, I believe Polar Bears will eventually naturally move further north. But, how many of the 20,000 or so will not make it until then, and how will this affect their population?

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