Plan to ban trapping near residential areas in Washoe is rejected

Unbelievably the plan was opposed by Wildlife Services.

Plan to ban trapping near residential areas in Washoe is rejected
The Reno Gazette-Journal.

Resurgent Northwest salmon show dam ‘spill’ is better than barging

The fish do better in the river than they do in a barge.

I’m not really a fan of Rocky Barker because I think he is biased towards the collaborative process because it has worked within the framework of the Snake River salmon and steelhead issue. When contrasted with other collaborative processes this issue has a fundamental difference, Judge Redden and the force of federal law. Because of this there is accountability to the “best available science” mandated by the Endangered Species Act not just the whims of people who want to go along to get along as happens with other collaborative groups.

What biologists have known for a long time about salmon is that they do much better when they migrate to the ocean in the river over the dams and not through them, they also know that when they are captured and carried down river in a barge they are exposed to all kinds of disease and are less fit to deal with the transition from fresh to salt water once they are released downstream of Bonneville Dam. More of the barged fish suffered “delayed mortality” than those that migrated downriver on their own.

As an activist, I feel that recovery of salmon and steelhead calls for more than just a minimum population of fish returning to their spawning grounds but rather flourishing population that contributes to the whole ecosystem of the rivers which were once blessed with millions of fish each year. The historic runs of salmon and steelhead had immense influence on the productivity of the ecosystem and provided crucial nutrients to the central Idaho streams they still sparsely inhabit. True recovery should require the removal of the 4 Lower Snake River dams.

Resurgent Northwest salmon show dam ‘spill’ is better than barging
Rocky Barker – The Idaho Statesman.

FWP warns MSU over scientist’s wolf study

Come to the same conclusions as we do with the data, or else says Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks!

Despite what FWP says, this is a flat out attempt to suppress the scientific method.

FWP warns MSU over scientist’s wolf study. By Gail Schontzler. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

It is good to see MSU stand up to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in this matter. In the growing climate of fear and intimidation of science in the United States, you can bet the Montana state legislature will get involved in this.

Dr. Creel’s research conclusions have, in fact, not been as positive for the wolf as wolf conservationists had hoped.  Nevertheless, the state’s anti-wolf wildlife politicians are not happy.

A dozen Democrats want positive changes in Mexican wolf program

Fighting back for once!

Democrats seek changes to wolf program. Albuquerque Journal