Mark Gamblin was wrong

Idaho Fish and Game regional supervisor’s comments on this blog proven wrong by events-

For about a year, the SE Idaho regional supervisor of Idaho Fish and Game Department, Mark Gamblin,  frequently commented on this blog. He was always polite even though some folks were not in their replies.  Of course, he laid out the position of the Department and he did not deviate.  Most significantly, he maintained that Idaho Fish and Game was capable, committed, and we could be assured the Department would provide balanced management of the restored wolf population in Idaho.

As for myself and many others who responded, our argument was that Idaho Fish and Game could not provide any assurance that this balanced management would take place.  The reason was not that they were untruthful in their claims.  The reason was that the department was politically weak and so it could, and would, be overridden by the Idaho state legislature, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and maybe the governor.

This is not to crow, but just to point out that we were right.  Governor Otter abandoned state wolf management completely in hopes of federal legislation that would be harmful to the maintenance of the recovered wolf population. The Fish and Game Department’s wolf management team was abolished and the people involved assigned to other duties.

After thousands of words written here, it is important to state that this argument has been settled.

FWP eliminates wolf coordinator post

Will Montana drop wolf management entirely?

Carolyn Sime has been moved from her post as wolf coordinator to work on other issues but it appears that may not be the only change. It appears that Montana may be considering following Idaho’s lead and drop wolf management entirely. At least it is not “off the table”.

FWP eliminates wolf coordinator post.
By EVE BYRON Independent Record

Felony refiled in poaching case

Tony Mayer faces loss of hunting privileges and prison.

After one of the charges, a felony, had been dismissed due to improper procedure with rating the elk antlers on the Boone and Crockett scale, the charge has been refiled. Tony Mayer, the founder of an anti-wolf website, once again faces a lifelong hunting ban.

Felony refiled in poaching case.
Idaho Mountain Express

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Have you come across any interesting Wildlife News? November 5, 2010

Note that this replaces the 17th edition. That edition will now move slowly into the depths of the blog.

Bitterroot © Ken Cole

Bitterroot © Ken Cole


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