Latest Montana official wolf news. Oct 7-15, 2010

We haven’t been posting these are frequently as we could. Here is the latest. It has quite a bit of news. We have not seen an Idaho wolf news report since June.

3 Responses to “Latest Montana official wolf news. Oct 7-15, 2010”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Thanks Ralph!

  2. william huard Says:

    Just reading these reports they sound bogus. Steuber the stooge must be getting lots of good info from the Five Valleys chapter of the canned hunters at SCI. When SCI is involved you know it doesn’t turn out well for animals. I am struck by the language in these reports. “Located wolves next to cow carcass” and then the landowner reports “several other missing cows from the area”. Easier to blame wolves rather than the probable loss from disease, weather, or other predators.

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