Idaho state legislator stole timber from Idaho state lands

Lands are managed to provide revenue for the public schools-

Having a one party state is a problem here. Representative Hart, who took timber, only faces a write-in candidate.

Rep. Hart logged state land for home. Candidate never paid debt for stolen timber. Betsy Z. Russell. The Spokesman-Review

7 Responses to “Idaho state legislator stole timber from Idaho state lands”

  1. Paul Bego Says:

    it’s sad but hardly shocking….

  2. timz Says:

    This filthy crook owes nearly $700,000 in back taxes and sits on the legislative tax committee. He belongs in prison. Only in Idaho where some of the local hayseeds see him as a hero.

  3. timz Says:

    And his filthy rotten coherts in the legislature let him off the hook when democrats demanded they look into his not paying taxes as a conflict of interest. he claims taxes are unconstitutional. they said after a “hearing” no conflict exists.

  4. Robert Hoskins Says:

    In Wyoming, on some State sections people have built private homes, with nary a peep of protest from anyone, including and especially the State. Another aspect of Western custom and culture.

    Wonder what would happen if I built a house on State land?


  5. skyrim Says:

    Guess he couldn’t afford to pay the whole thing. Maybe he could set up a convenient plan of re-payment or get a pay day loan…….

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