More on the wolf range rider who quit

Oregon wolves and livestock:

This is a followup to our earlier story in the Wildlife News. Oregon range rider hired to watch out for wolves, quits. September 17, 2010

Farewell to one of my top five: Wolf range rider.  By Cassandra Profita. Ecotrope.

Boss says range rider quit for economic reasons.  By Cassandra Profita. Ecotrope.

3 Responses to “More on the wolf range rider who quit”

  1. Virginia Says:

    Very interesting that Cunningham is not commenting on the reason he quit. Probably fearful of being shot by accident. I hope he decides to tell his story but I’ll bet we all know what happened.

  2. Taz Alago Says:

    Here’s a photo essay by the photographer/ contributor to the current “1859” story on Wallowa County wolves. It contains some good sketches of the personalities involved.

  3. WM Says:

    First, this was a temp job, and apparently the guy wants more job security. And, well, here is one other explanation from the wolf range rider’s supervisor:

    ++Nash said Cunningham wasn’t spending the minimum four days a week tracking wolves and finding out whether they were eating ranchers’ calves – in part because of all the media attention he was getting.++

    Not surprising – 15 minutes of fame- reduced to about two because the guy maybe gets caught up in the celebrity of it all, and forgets why he was hired. Easy temptation to be before a camera, rather than in a hot dry brushy draw looking for smelly dead things.

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