Who is Judge Don Molloy?

Best known for ruling on the wolf, judge is concerned about the disappearance of concern for the common good-

This is a interesting and lengthy bio of Montana’s best known federal judge.

Who is Judge Don Molloy? By Daniel Person. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

I certainly agree with the Judge on his greatest concern. It seems to me that today it is my ideology and political party first, my community and country last.

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  1. Virginia Says:

    Ralph – your comment about “me first” is right on! How many people put country and its environment first? We see the tea party bunch talking about “taking our country back,” but from whom are they taking it back? If they have their country’s best interests at heart, it is a surprise to me. We should all be in this together – instead people attack Judge Molloy and anyone else who does not agree with their agenda. I am a mountain biker and would like to be able to ride in the wilderness – but I do not. I too see what horses do to the trails on which I hike. I hate it, but I don’t blame a judge for that. We all have issues we disagree with, but whining is not productive. We count on judges in this country to make decisions based on their research, knowledge and ability to listen to both sides. Judge Molloy has clearly done this based on the decisions he has made. I don’t agree with some of them, but I do not attack the judge’s character and integrity because I don’t agree. Civility is gone!

  2. monty Says:

    The politics of the past may have been just as “uncivil” as they are today. What worries me is the growing divide between those who believe in mythology verses reality. For example there is no common ground between those who believe the earth is 6 thousand years old & those who don’t. Human evolution may be reversing itself in many parts of the world.

    • JB Says:

      Ronald Reagan’s anti-education agenda finally come home to roost?

    • Ralph Maughan Says:

      It is true that there a lot of people out there whose worldview is so different, I would rather not have them post.

      A good example, Monty, is those who believe the world is 6000 years old and was created in 7, 24 hour days.

      I don’t know what they could contribute to a discussion on wildlife.

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