Wildlife officials suspect third wolf pack

Wolves continue to slowly reinhabit Washington state-

Excellent news!

Wildlife officials suspect third wolf pack.

Why are wolves accepted in the Great Lakes, but not the Rockies?

Brodie Farquhar looks at the striking difference in his article in New West

Here it is:

Wolves in the Midwest vs. the West. What’s the Difference? Us. By Brodie Farquhar. New West. 9/13/2010
“In the Great Lakes, where there are more wolves, the animal’s not the lightning rod it is here. Blame the media and blame relocation. But should we also blame ourselves?”

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My view is the upper mid-West is naturally much more productive deer country. The average hunter does very well.  Wolves are less visible because of the forest.  The upper mid-West is not burdened by cowboy mythology, a problem in all kinds of wildlife management. The mid-West does not have the semi-feudal political system that the rural West has where livestock owners sit on top. The mid-West has a progressive political and cultural tradition. I think the interior Pacific Northwest also tends to attract those who like the fact that they are not many Black folks. These people are always on the far right of the political spectrum.

I’ve lived in both places, but most of my life has been in Utah and Idaho.  Fortunately I was in a position not to really be taught cowboy mythology, and throw off local mythology because of the kind of career I choose.  Ralph Maughan