Judge Molloy blocks 3 timber sales in grizzly country

Issues restraining order on sales in the Cabinet-Yaak where 45 bears live-

Good news for this struggling, but now finally increasing, grizzly population up against the Montana-Idaho-B.C. border.

Story in the Missoulian. By Rob Chaney.

2 Responses to “Judge Molloy blocks 3 timber sales in grizzly country”

  1. Barb Rupers Says:

    In the comments to the article someone asked where is Molloy from – California? Nope, Butte.

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    Barb Rupers,

    I’d bet that Judge Molloy grew up in Butte back in the day when local folks did not believe corporations were their friends and that the union was your protection against corporate exploitation.

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