Many skeptical of bison vaccination proposal

$9 Million plan won’t bring more tolerance by livestock industry.

The plan to dart bison in Yellowstone with vaccine is just another money pit in an unending battle against bison by the livestock industry. It is inconceivable that the government wants to waste even more money on a plan that even they say won’t rid Yellowstone bison of brucellosis or bring more tolerance for wild bison by the livestock oligarchy of Montana.

This is just another money pit that won’t accomplish anything. Quit pushing the rancher’s problems onto the taxpayers, let bison be bison and vaccinate the damned cattle instead.

Many skeptical of bison vaccination proposal.
By DANIEL PERSON – The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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  1. Petticoat Rebellion Says:

    The DEIS states that RB51 offers only a 15% reduction in infection for bison, there is no truly effective delivery system, and no way to permanently mark individuals who have been remotely vaccinated. Oh yeah, and what aboutthe elk? What-Huh??!! Another exercise in futility funded in the name of the brucellosis fraud…

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