Hurricane season comes to oil slick country

Will hurricanes add to the on-going unnatural disaster?

Hurricane season begins June 1, and its peak is late August when the the relief wells might have finally stopped the oil gusher. Hurricane Season Raises New Fears. By Kenneth Chang. New York Times.

I recall that last year the hurricane season was quite mild in terms of them hitting the United States, but a tropical storm did form in the Gulf of Mexico in June and pounded ashore near where the oil slick floats.

Update: As if to underscore the beginning of hurricane season, the first tropical storm of the season hit central American May 30-31 and killed about 150 people. Nearly 150 dead from Central America storm. By the CNN Wire Staff

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  1. Chris Harbin Says:

    I’ve got a feeling that the environmental fallout will be felt even in places way beyond the Gulf of Mexico or the southeastern seaboard.
    Below is a link (I hope) to a large sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala City in the aftermath of the storm.

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