Wildlife Service aims to kill two wolves in the Boise Foothills

Shooting wolves in prime recreation country near Boise, ID-

Although wolves have inhabited the the foothills and mountains north of Boise for a decade now, this is the first time they are known to have killed livestock (8 lambs, 3 ewes). The two wolves are not part of a pack.

Hopefully Wildlife Services is taking precautions not to hit bikers, joggers, etc. in the Hulls Gulch area. The sheep belonged to Frank Shirts of bighorn sheep fame. 😉

Here is the story in the Boise Weekly. Boise Foothills Wolf Hunt Underway. Posted by Nathaniel Hoffman

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My story on wolves near Boise from way back in 2000. Strong Evidence of Wolves Near Boise, Idaho. Ralph Maughan’s wolf report. Jan. 14, 2000

7 Responses to “Wildlife Service aims to kill two wolves in the Boise Foothills”

  1. Angela Says:

    oh man, I hope someone films it and it is all over the news. They could maybe mention grazing on public lands…

  2. matt bullard Says:

    Now I’m suspicious about every small plane I see flying over the foothills. I went running near the area where this supposedly happened yesterday and only saw one plane that could have been on approach to the airport. A friend reported that on her run the on Saturday, mountain bikers in the vicinity reported seeing wolves and she saw scat. I hope for their sake the wolves high-tail it over the ridge and into higher ground.

  3. Tilly Says:

    This is really, really upsetting. The idea that sheep trump wildlife & recreation in the BOISE FOOTHILLS is insane. We should be celebrating that wolves are present so close to a city. Instead we get a kill order.

  4. Ralph Maughan Says:

    Once again, has anyone bothered to do a search on the Shirts Brothers or Frank Shirts?

  5. Nancy Says:

    A lengthly bio on Frank

    Click to access fa07-sheepman.pdf

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