Mr. Abbey Goes to Washington, Cleans Up MMS. Or Not.

Bob Abbey, BLM director is taking over Minerals Management Service. RL Miller looks at Abbey’s past in the revolving door-

Mr. Abbey Goes to Washington, Cleans Up MMS. Or Not. By RL Miller. Daily Kos.

Is a man who hasn’t reformed the BLM the one who will reform MMS?

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  1. Virginia Says:

    The quotes of Mr. Abbey (not Ed) are quite telling – that is they are telling us that he is an idiot!

  2. mikepost Says:

    You could half as far as he did with BLM and still make improvements at MMS.

    • mikarooni Says:

      Very true! It won’t take a great leader to get the personnel in that agency to just stop using the office conference tables as places for fornicating, literally fornicating, with industry lobbyists and that will be a great step forward for the MMS. Idiot or not and I’m not celebrating Abbey’s intellect, the MMS is such a target rich environment for even the most basic reform gestures that Abbey will make a great positive improvement just getting the agency up to zero.

  3. Pronghorn Says:

    R. Abbey has just one quote in the item at the Daily Kos…
    “appropriate public lands, not all public lands, should continue to be accessible for mineral extraction.”
    I don’t see how this quote tells us “that he is an idiot!”

    Here’s another quote, from another source:
    ” Abbey had harsher words for ATV drivers and said that “the irresponsible use of off-road vehicles” was “one greatest challenges facing land managers today. There appears to be a total disregard by many off-roaders to the impacts from their actions,” he said. “The public land managers have no other option than to close more of these lands to off-road vehicle use unless off-roaders begin exercising responsibility and better judgment.” (19)
    I don’t see the idiocy in this quote, either.

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