Goldfish invade Eastern Oregon trout lake

Lake at the base of Steens Mountain to be poisoned and restocked with trout-

Mann Lake Lahontan cutthroat © Ken Cole

Mann Lake Lahontan cutthroat © Ken Cole

Goldfish invade Eastern Oregon trout lake. Associated Press

3 Responses to “Goldfish invade Eastern Oregon trout lake”

  1. Ken Cole Says:

    Mann Lake was one of my favorite fishing holes because it held some of the nicest Lahontan Cutthroat I have ever seen. I hope this is successful.

  2. Ken Cole Says:

    By the way, there are no native fish in this lake and the alkalinity probably prevents just about any other trout from being stocked.

  3. Peter Bray Says:

    The wind turbines proposed for the top of Steens Mountain (and on Mann Lake ranch land) should be a nice fit… NOT!

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