The Privatization of Wildlife

How Ted Turner Scored Yellowstone’s Bison Herd

A good overview of the buffalo issue and how they continue to be persecuted by Montana’s livestock industry and how the buffalo from the quarantine feasibility study ended up going to Ted Turner.

The Privatization of Wildlife: How Ted Turner Scored Yellowstone’s Bison Herd
AlterNet / By Joshua Frank

3 Responses to “The Privatization of Wildlife”

  1. Alan Says:

    I just drove by the holding facility north of Yellowstone on the 89. It was empty after the transfer of the bison there to Ted Turner. Now I notice that there are 15 or 20 new(?) bison there. Are they going to refill this facility now? Does anyone know?

  2. Save Bears Says:

    If I remember right, Ted did not get all of them, those should be the remaining few that were not transferred to the Turner holdings..

  3. Alan Says:

    Thanks. Hope so. I haven’t been seeing any in there, but guess they could have been “hiding”.

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