Judge scolds WA for allowing grazing in state wildlife management areas

WWP wins again as state judge can find not one benefit for wildlife in state cow grazing of state wildlife areas-

We have written a number of times about the recent politically inspired introduction of livestock into the Eastern Washington state wildlife areas purchased specifically to help wildlife and water quality. The livestock interests get to trample the springs and vegetation without paying a dime. It’s a pure gift, and the judge figured it out.

The judge even gave a 10-minute speech from the bench as she issued her ruling.

Ruling leaves grazing up in the air. By SCOTT SANDSBERRY. Yakima Herald Republic
Judge dumps wildlife area grazing plan: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been allowing cattle on Asotin parcel in pilot program
Eric Barker – Lewiston Morning Tribune

Feb. 3, 2009. Here is one of our earlier stories on this politically inspired grazing.

2 Responses to “Judge scolds WA for allowing grazing in state wildlife management areas”

  1. Alan Gregory Says:

    Is livestock grazing still allowed within Malheur NWR? I remember reading about that issue some years ago.

    • Ken Cole Says:

      Yes, they are working on a new management plan where they mention the “need” to continue it so that sandhill cranes will be less prone to predation.

      I don’t know when any decision will be released.

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