Southern Utah road battle turns into fight over records

Southern Utah county hides behind huge records request fee to keep citizens in the dark over efforts to build roads all over the public lands-

My hope is this county of inbred idiots keeps losing and wasting money until the public is totally outraged

Kane road battle turns into fight over records. By Mark Havnes. The Salt Lake Tribune

5 Responses to “Southern Utah road battle turns into fight over records”

  1. RLMiller Says:

    Does anyone know how much has been paid to date? Kane County’s total budget, this as a percentage, etc?

  2. JimT Says:

    Be very interesting if this group payed as close attention to the mining fees, or the lack thereof, or the socialist/welfare public land ranchers and the sweetheart deal they have been getting for decades.

  3. Ralph Maughan Says:


    If I understand your question, I think that is what the group is trying to find out — how much has been spent?

    • RLMiller Says:

      From the SLT story this AM, the person asking for the records got about half the information in the form of spreadsheets. I can’t tell from the story (annoyingly vague IMO) if that means half the total amount, or the sum total without the backup, or something else. I also can’t tell the Kane County general budget from review of its website. Hence the followup questions.

      I am going out on a limb here, but am guessing that litigation is being financed elsewhere. This is a very small county (6K souls?) with, probably, an equally small budget and a very large litigation habit.

    • Ralph Maughan Says:


      You are probably right. You might get information by investigating off-road vehicle group news and right wing law firms who work on RS 2477 litigation.

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