Day in the life of Doug Smith, Yellowstone wolf biologist

Feature on Yellowstone’s lead wolf biologist-

Dr. Smith has run the Park’s wolf program for about 14 of the 15 years since wolves were restored to the Park. He helped me learn much of what I know about wolves, especially in the early years.

Day in the life of Doug Smith, Yellowstone wolf biologist. By Michael Gibney. Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

4 Responses to “Day in the life of Doug Smith, Yellowstone wolf biologist”

  1. Jim Says:

    Journalism is really becoming a joke. Facts are never checked anymore. The canyons are wily because they travel up and down the lamar valley? Interesting.

  2. Salle Says:

    There is also a series on wolves that was started in yesterday’s Chronicle by Daniel Persons and Sean Sperry.

    “Wolves on the Range”

  3. monty Says:

    Doug Smith’s book (co author Gary Ferguson) “Decade Of The Wolf” was well written & informative. I recommend the book to those who want a good summary of the wolf’s effects in YP. He desrcribes the 1st decade as a “feast for science”.

  4. caleb Says:

    Monty, That book is very good and goes into a little more detail than the annual wolf reports.

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