Some Wyoming outfitters to rally against wolves in Jackson on Sat

Despite elk numbers above Game and Fish’s goals, hand wringing increases-

Apparently a few hunting sub-units of elk are below objectives.  I suspect there is plenty more behind this than elk numbers in a few locales. I wonder if local folks from Jackson are planning to push back against the rally?

The article below says “Hunters rally to disperse wolves. Outfitters say wolf hunt must start, predators should spread out to other parts of Wyoming.”
Outfitters are one kind of hunter. They hardly represent all hunters. Lots of hunters resent them. I do agree them and Chris Colligan it would be great to see more wolves in other parts of Wyoming, especially southwest Wyoming where prey populations are large.  It is true that Wyoming is fulfilling its commitment to 15 breeding pair of wolves by using only about 1/8 of the land area of the state. Whether wolves are harming their economic interests or not, I can see what the outfitters might see themselves as put upon by the rest of the state.

Folks will be interested in what Chris Colligan of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition says near the bottom of the article.

I see on another thread Bob Jackson, former Park ranger adjacent to the heavily hunted adjacent Teton Wilderness had plenty negative to say about some of these outfitters.