Open range laws unfair to rural residents, AZ lawmaker says

Open range laws said to put interests of ranchers above the property rights and safety of other rural residents-

Open range laws were made for another era. Increasingly people are seeing these laws as another giveaway of their safety and rights to that small group who want to carelessly run cattle over public and private property.

System unfair to rural residents, lawmaker says. State politics: Open range law discussed. Sierra Vista Herald.

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  1. ProWolf in WY Says:

    These antiquated open range laws need to go. If you want to run cattle keep them fenced in on your property.

  2. spanglelakes Says:

    If you hit a cow and die, then your heirs have to pay for the cost of the cow (or calf or bull).

    If a family traveling in an “open range” county, gets into an accident because of a bovine on the road, the human family is to blame. If the entire family is killed, the rancher whose livestock was out on the highway can claim reimbursement for the loss of his livestock.

    This is open range in the West.

    Best not to travel any open range counties at night … some ranchers don’t bother to fix fences to keep cattle in. Why bother when someone smacking a cow, could bring in more money than shipping the animal to slaughter.

  3. Ron Kearns Says:

    This is a needed change. In the late 1970s/early 80s, Kofa refuge staff had to fence out trespass cattle from allotments on adjacent BLM lands to the north and east. While we tried to avoid the restriction of bighorn movements, we had to install fencing up spur ridges that had steep enough percent slopes where cattle could not negotiate them by simply trailing around the stretch posts at the ends of the fences.

    Cattle allotments should be sectioned off in paddocks holding cattle where the allottee pays for all of the fencing instead of requiring land managers or private owners to fence miles of their land to exclude someone else’s cattle.

  4. Jack Wilson Says:

    Here’s my blog on the subject:
    Titled “Open Range Laws need to be Repealed”

  5. Wilderness Muse Says:

    Being responsible for your own property (cattle), making sure your property does not damage the property of others, and paying for damages if it does. What a concept! Hope it catches on.

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