Supreme Court Denies 3 High-Profile Environmental Cases

High Court does not review three big cases from appeals court-

I’ve been really worried about the Supreme Court. In January they turned Toyota, Walmart, AT and T, and all for-profit corporations into people. It was only fair, they said. Corporations need to be able to fight back. Too many average Americans take them into the alley every day and beat the hell out of them.

“Common sense” is a word I don’t like much. That’s cause my common sense is different than my friend who runs the antique shop and rancher who trespasses all over my property. Still,  the Supreme Court doesn’t seem to have common sense.

So I was worried when I read “Supreme Court Denies 3 High-Profile Environmental Cases” in the New York Times (By GABRIEL NELSON)

Surprise though. Turns out when they decided not to look at these cases it was a victory for the environment. Two of them were a big victory for our health . . . one for wildlife habitat.

3 Responses to “Supreme Court Denies 3 High-Profile Environmental Cases”

  1. Virginia Says:

    When I read the topic sentence of the story, I was immediately disheartened. But, this is great news, especially in this environment of not enough regulation of the food supply, pesticides, Monsanto, etc.

  2. JimT Says:

    Best these days to stay the hell away from the Supremes…

  3. vickif Says:

    I am glad to hear that our courts are upholding some of these cases. It seems like the rest of the country should see the need for a lot of change when it comes to health and environmental-which are linked in essential origin on most levels.
    As someone who spends 70 hours a week dealing with patients in the healthcare sector, I see first hand the changes that time has brought to people’s health in connection to these type of issues.

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