More on the injustice of the tiny federal grazing fees

These are doubly unjust compared to what the rest of us pay-

These data are from the High Country News blog, Goat.  Cows vs. RATs. Jodi Peterson

One Response to “More on the injustice of the tiny federal grazing fees”

  1. JimT Says:

    Just confirms what we all know…it is a sweetheart deal for public land ranchers, and the system is set up to pay more attention to their voices than most other users of the public lands–certainly recreational users.

    Here is a link to a very interesting NPR story on a Texas rancher..private land rancher..who has been restoring some of the most badly damaged land in Texas. His name is David Bamberger, and all ranchers could learn from this guy and his philosophy. Worth a listen.

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