Large state park protecting wildife corridor might be created in western Montana

Heavily logged area could heal to be become economically and ecological important-

$14M, 41,000-acre land deal could create second-largest Montana state park. ByRob Chaney. Missoulian |

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  1. Barb Rupers Says:

    TNC purchased the land from Plum Creek Timber Company last year; it is located south of I-90 on the east slope of the Bitterroots. It provides for a possible link between the Bob Marshall and Mission wilderness areas to the NE and the proposed Big Burn wilderness on the ID-MT border. The total transaction is 41,000 acres of which the state hopes to develop a 6864 acre park a few miles south of Alberton. The price is about $2.5-3 million from the state of Montana and $11 million from federal funds. Is the remaining acerage being added to the states forest lands?

  2. Richie,NJ Says:

    Who owns this lumber company?, just a thought.

  3. Barb Rupers Says:

    Plum Creek. A left over from the public lands giveaway to get the west settled; build x number of miles of RR and you will be given (?) sections of land as payment.

  4. Barb Rupers Says:

    This policy resulted in the “checkerboard ” private and US ownership in much of the western landscapes

  5. Ralph Maughan Says:

    It is good to see it back in public ownership after the giant Northern Pacific Railroad land grant giveaway of 1862.

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