Are there grizzly bears in Washington state?

The efforts to re-introduce grizzlies to Washington and Idaho have been stalled for political reasons

Grizzly feeding on elk © Ken Cole

Joel Connelly talks about the rate of recovery efforts for grizzly bears in the country, and specifically the North Cascades and Bitteroot Mountains of Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Are there grizzly bears in Washington state?. By Joel Connelly. Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Lessons from Aldo Leopold’s historic wolf hunt

The nation’s legendary conservationist saw the value of preserving wildness. Perhaps someday politicians will too-

Opinion in the LA Times. By James William Gibson

Are more deer killed on Utah roadways than by hunters?

Both seem to be around 20,000 a year, but the road kill number is less exact-

Females are 72% of the road kill. Human fatalities are 4 – 6 a year

Roadkill threat: Utah deer herds taking a hit. It’s possible that more of the animals are killed by vehicles than hunters. By Brent Prettyman. Salt Lake Tribune

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