Re-imagining Mexican gray wolf recovery

A fine essay from the blog “Wild Muse”-

When other web sites link to this one, I can see it in the statistics page (accessible to the blog’s editors). I noticed Wild Muse (not to be confused with our frequent commenter “Wilderness Muse”) had linked to a story. I followed it back and found this excellent story Re-imagining Mexican gray wolf recovery

3 Responses to “Re-imagining Mexican gray wolf recovery”

  1. DeLene Says:

    Hello, I write Wild Muse. It’s a surprise, and an honor, to find my recent MW post mentioned here. Thank you for your kind words; but more importantly, thanks for the extensive wildlife news coverage you provide on this blog. – DeLene

  2. william huard Says:

    Delene- I enjoyed the story. I knew the Mexican Recovery Program was doomed when you had ranchers baiting alpha wolves at the adobe- Slash ranch. The first mistake was not making penalties strong enough to deter this reprehensible behavior. I know Bud Fazio- and he will make changes to bring this program in a new direction.

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